Clemson South Carolina Things To Do

The home of national champions Clemson Tigers is all you need to talk about, and when you're in the stands at a home game, it's the epitome of social media gold, with pictures being shot out of the gate.

This Instagram Clemson spot offers great views of the Clemson campus and some of Clemson's best food and beverages. Not to mention that there's a lot of great food, drinks and of course the best Clemson football games.

The tiger just loves wearing orange (# solidorangefriday) and everywhere he is on campus is the perfect photo. There are also many ways to photograph him in his favorite colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, etc.).

Those who love football and its sacred grounds will love the stadium and all its traditions. Nestled between two lakes, the campus is one of the most beautiful in the state with a beautiful view of Lake Okeechobee and the Atlantic Ocean.

Just don't forget to stand behind or in front of your camera and enjoy the experience while you're here. Lake Keowee is a great place to go out and snack while waiting for the bad traffic to clear up. It is also ideal for taking pictures, whether you are on the shore or on a boat and doing water sports.

Most churches in the city centre and many shops sell parking spaces, with the proceeds going to charity. Sometimes, near the stadium, the more likely option is to find a downtown resident who rents a yard for parking. In any case, you should look on or Facebook for cheap parking in the city center and on the other side of the city.

The backdrop of Lake Hartwell even inspired an engagement and subsequent photos from the event. If you're looking for a great background for your photo or just want to put down your phone and enjoy the view, check out this great shot of the scenery at the South Carolina State Fair in Charlotte.

Do not park in the street: When parking in the yard, make sure your wheels are on the sidewalk or street.

Traffic on Highway 76 and Tiger Boulevard will be sitting for kick-off, so arrive earlier and you'll beat the traffic and get on the road. Note that traffic patterns before the game and the roads leading to and from the stadium change. Tigers fans will swerve into the parking lot when the games are not over, but they will get off the road. The faithful, however, stay until the last second and enjoy the festivities on site.

One of the big advantages of travelling early is that you can wander around and get ideas from other fans about what to do and where to go.

At a time when people are doing everything they can to help, we're setting out to find the most Instagram-friendly places in Tiger Town. The dikes are a great place to walk, walk or walk the dog or both.

This is a classic Clemson course, and the rowing teams start their morning drive, so you should paint your paws orange. Veterans of the Tailgater pitch their tents in the parking lot next to North Carolina State University football stadium. Public parking is available throughout the day from 9 am to 6 pm, except for reserved parking spaces.

Downtown Clemson offers Clemson a unique opportunity to experience the city of Clemson off campus. Located in the heart of downtown Clemson, just blocks from the Clemson University campus, this amphitheater offers 360-degree campus views from across the city.

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More About Clemson